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Longtime friends know that my young life was shaped by many things, and most of all by a spinal cord injury at age 15. (Gymnasts, Beware). My biggest concern that day was how I would study for Dr. Hughes’s European History test the next day if I was going to be under anesthesia for a few hours. “Nerd” does not even begin to cover it.

The test concerns were soon history as I began to realize I’d have to figure out how to get dressed independently, pee by myself again, sit again, and after months of inpatient physical therapy, walk again with the help of crutches, amazing friends, and the best physical therapist the world has ever seen.

Fast forward 35 years.

If you have ever practiced yoga with me, you know I always grab a spot near the wall.

I am always just a little self conscious about my relationship with the wall.

But today, this mantra popped into my head: “Embrace the wall.”

My wall allows me to try things I would otherwise never try, keeps me from falling, helps me stand taller, bend further, stretch deeper, allows me to let go sometimes, if even for a millisecond (proud milliseconds for me), and then it is always there when I need it to regain my balance. 

Then I thought that I am surrounded by walls. Thank you to all my walls. You know who you are.



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