Sunflowers and Burrs

I am off today.

Off means:
catching up on emails
answering messages
charting and following up on labs
going to meetings
problem solving with my children
paying bills
yardwork and weeding
writing notes
scrolling social media
working on a talk
connecting and coordinating

feeling inadequate that I don’t get more done.

But two pairs of eyes stare at me expectantly.
Patiently panting.
Following me relentlessly.
Watching. Waiting. Anticipating.

The walk.

Finally, I give up and I load them in the car and off we go.
We pull into a friend’s fields.
I suddenly realize that the sunflowers are in full bloom,
and this is why I will always have a dog in my life.

I may be spending the rest of the day
hosing off the mud,
picking the burrs out of fur,
failing to cross off more things on my list,

but I will do it having walked among the sunflowers
for a little while this morning.  

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