An administrator I used to work with once looked at me and said in mild disgust “I have never known anyone who cared so much about EVERYthing.”

That about sums it up, especially when the EVERYthing affects children.

Current passions include integrating behavioral health into primary care pediatrics and what I call “preventive mental health,” addressing childhood obesity through school gardens, increasing access to healthcare for families in poverty (and I don’t mean through the ER), and making sure people appreciate what a miracle routine vaccines are for those who can access them.

I am a part time pediatrician, full time mother and advocate for children including those who push themselves past their limits (the overachievers), those who barely have the support to get to school in the morning (the underachievers), and those who wander through life, enjoying the journey, jumping over or crawling under or going around all the hurdles along the way (everybody in between).


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